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Blackhead is not a dirty word!

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   If you are plagued with blackheads, it doesn't mean your skin is means it's dry! Blackheads are just oxidized sebum.  In layman's terms, it means that the sebum that is produced in your pores by your sebaceous glands is hanging out a little too long, and turns black due to exposure to oxygen over time. But what does that mean?? It means that you are possibly over cleansing your skin, or you just may be dry as the Sahara, like me.

   Dry skin can cause premature aging and it can be a root cause of acne. So what can we do??  Facial oils to the rescue! Using the proper blend of essential and carrier oils daily can reduce inflammation, provide much need Essential Fatty Acids and gradually get those pores clear!

   Oil on my face??  I know, I seems counterintuitive.  But if you have acne that consists of firm plugs of sebum or pimples that are non-cystic and over the counter treatments just seem to dry the skin and irritate it, oils may be your Holy Grail. If your skin is dry and lackluster with fine lines, oils will most definitely show improvement within a few weeks.  The right blend of oils is exactly what you need for dry, mature, acneic and inflamed skin types, as well as for those who just want to maintain their youthful skin texture.

So stop stripping your skin, PLEASE! Your skin is made to produce oils for a reason! Blackheads will not disappear if you scrub harder, longer or more often. Massage in some oil for a few weeks, try OCM (oil cleansing method) and those plugs will begin to soften and be easier to remove. Work with nature, not against it!!

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